Counterstrike Defense 12 Gauge 460gr. – “The Gatekeeper”


All Copper CNC 8 Petal Projectile: 1 oz  expanding solid copper slug.  The slug is designed to perform optimally at home defense distances with smooth bore shotguns and up to 100 yds with rifled slug barrels with up to 3X expansion and nearly 100% weight retention.  The slug will penetrate hard barriers as well as soft targets.  In soft targets, the slug will not over penetrate like traditional lead slugs.
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All Copper Hollow Point (8 Petal Design)
“The Gatekeeper” bullets are precision CNC machined, lead free, solid copper expanding projectiles.  The projectile expands 3X the size while maintaining nearly 100% of its original weight.  Each “Gatekeeper” projectile has been engineered to perform in a given velocity range to provide unparalleled performance across a wide variety of calibers and weapons platforms.  This projectile is used for personal protection, provides equivalent and often superior performance to market leaders in the 12 gauge slug market.  The “The Gatekeeper” projectile is available for both public and law enforcement purchasing.  The bullet is designed to create maximum cavitation upon entry into the body and expend all its energy inside the target. The combination of maximum stopping power with minimal over-penetration makes it an ideal choice for personal protection.

Technical Information

  • Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • Bullet Weight: 460 Grain
  • Bullet Style: All Copper CNC Hollow Point
  • Case Type: Plastic Hull
  • Ballistics Information:
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1270
  • Muzzle Energy: 1684

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 5.0625 × 2.625 × 1.3125 in



12 Gauge 460gr. – Gatekeeper in Clay Block

12 Gauge 460gr. – Gatekeeper in Gel Block


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